Parking Garage Sunroof.

Parking Garage Sunroof.

Sunwing Structures Inc.

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Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8P 0E2

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SW001.75 – CLIP
The clip is designed for a 17mm (3/4”) wide joint. The joint can be increased by adding extra clips. The clip is 50mm wide (2”) so it will not rock on the perimeter panel extrusion during shipping to the job site. It is fastened to the perimeter extrusion by a #8 Teck Screw in a predrilled hole.

The perimeter extrusion is designed for a minimum panel return of 17mm (3/4”) a deeper return can be made by moving the perimeter extrusion to the beginning of the return. The perimeter extrusion is fastened to the panel with a sw010 screw. The corners are secured with a corner panel a predrilled hole.

The top hat extrusion is a sub framing system to support the panel system. It does not rotate or sage like galvanized ‘z’ framing. When the support wall is masonry it has to be only anchored at the corners of the panel, it is designed to support the panel weight and 140 m/p/h wind loading. It can also be used to reinforce the face of large panels. The two flanges of the top hat extrusion is fastened to the back of the panel with double face tape. The ends are notched and are fastened to the sw002 perimeter extrusion.

The nylon blind clip was developed to fasten two panel back to back (wrapping a column or a fence post). They are also used when two joining walls meet at a outside corner or when scaffolding requires panels to left out for scaffolding supports.

The starter extrusion can be continuous or short pieces. When used as a continuous piece this prevent wild life from entering the cavity between the panel and the building envelope. The starter can be used on the vertical where the panels butt up to other building material.

This is a custom screw to fasten the sw002 perimeter extrusion to the panel. It is a #6 x 5/8 flat head screw with a ‘S’tip and coated with the same paint used on deck screws. These screws are custom made for Sunwing. The color of the screw is tan and can be painted over. With the ‘S’Tip the screw worries its own way into the sw002, it does not sit loose like a /6 flat head Self drilling Teck screw. It also sits flush to the face of the panel and does not have the protruding anvil that a pop rivet butt up to other building material.